Speech All-State Festival

2019-2020 Highlights

  • 15 Varsity groups & three 9th grade groups competed at Districts
  • 13 Varsity & two 9th grade group competed at State Contest
  • 6 Varsity groups were nominated for All-State Festival

Large Group Events

Fear for Dummies by Nate Irwin –  Caleb Baker, Janaya Barnes, Max Braunstein, Leai Britton, Emily Copple, Juan Fuentes, Emma Geary, Seth Hanson, Whitney Lester, Jacob Licht, Jacob Mace, Rylei McNaughton, Graceyn Stubbe, Carter Vanderloo (c-Nate Irwin/Kindall Todd)

8 Ways to Survive the End of the World by Don Zolidis – Hank Dibble, TJ Diimig, Ally Evans, Claire Hendrich, Whitney Lester, Jacob Mace, Lincoln Rahn, Alexa Ringling, Alex Valdez (c-Nate Irwin/Kindall Todd)

Everything you need to know about the Scarlet Letter in 10 minutes or less by Don Zolidis – Ally Evans, Isabelle Ford, Emma Geary, Aubrey Hanks, Taylor King (c-Nate Irwin/Kindall Todd) 

Avenue Q by Jeff Whitty – Caleb Baker, Max Braunstein, Colton Hibbs, Brian Nathaniel, Graceyn Stubbe, Natalie Stubbe (c-Marissa Kuiken/Nate Irwin)

Chicago by Bob Fosse and Fred Ebb – Emily Copple, Sidra Hovde, Jacob Licht, Rylei McNaughton, Alexa Ringling, Ellie Risdal, Emma Snyder (c-Marissa Kuiken/Nate Irwin)

Little Shop of Horrors by Howard Ashman – Leai Britton, Ruby Dominick, Cameron Jensen, Isaiah Olson, Myanna Parker, Carter Vanderloo, Ella Voloshen (c-Marissa Kuiken/Nate Irwin)