About the Program 

The EHS yearbook is a student-run publication that tells the story of the school year in words and pictures. It’s a history book and a memory book, but it is also a journalism laboratory that encourages students to learn through hands-on experience.

A yearbook captures the events and lives of the people in our school. Being in yearbook allows students to experience photography, computer layout, editing and design, time management, money management, advertising, sales/distribution, and business communication. The result is a book that reflects the happenings of the year, as well as the sentiment of what it means to be a Raider.

Yearbook Information

Submitting Senior Pictures

Senior pictures are due March 16, 2021. Please submit a .jpg or .png of at least 250 dpi. Pictures can be in color. The picture should be vertical and school-appropriate. Pictures can be sent to or delivered to room 229.

Publishing in the Arrow

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Meet the Yearbook Team 

Emanuel Bernal joined yearbook as a way to fill his schedule, but he soon became known as the man who could take pictures and help others when they ran into a jam.

Kylie Cook was the first person in several years to join in the ninth grade. She enjoyed being social and learning more about design.

Madison Craig brought the entertainment and fun to class from her TikTok practicing to her unique way of reaching out to others, she definitely brought the social skills to her interactions with others.

Nicole Essig has been in yearbook both her junior and senior year, but her passion for editing started her sophomore year when she would snatch pages off of Mrs. Shultz’s desk during English II for proofreading.

Shelby Essig also enjoyed looking at proofs her sophomore year during English II. She was great at identifying people and adding info to any story. She also joined yearbook her junior and senior years as well.

Ariana Fajardo had a great time with her friends. She knew how to get people to laugh and was always one of the crew ready to run an errand.

Yamini Leetz, a German foreign exchange student, brought her international experiences to the class. Her scrapbook for her stay in America served as inspiration for this year’s cover. She had fun giggling with her friends and cranking out well-planned layouts.

Rebecka Lynn always had awesome snackage on hand. She worked well with others and was an energetic spot in the morning. Always willing to talk with others, she became the go-to-girl for gathering quotes and heading off to classrooms for pictures.

Ellie Mutchler brought a lot of knowledge about the activities happening around school. Involved in several activities herself, she was helpful in putting together great layouts and naming the unnameable faces.

Alicia Rios covered her pages with energy, always striving for that A. She helped others and joined Madison in her TikTok adventures. She kept organized and met deadlines like a pro.

Abby Schramm enjoyed teaching Yamini and Ariana all about yearbook. The three often worked on their layouts together and had a good time giggling and giving each other a hard time as they worked.

Savannah Utech joined the class midyear, because well, it looked like a lot of fun while learning. She brought a lot of info to the show choir pages.

Tony Vander Weide brought a lot of good spirit to the class. He stayed on top of his work and took bunches of pictures. He always brought a new perspective to whatever we were working on.

Meet the Advisor