January 1, 2021 Announcements

After School Study Sessions – January 4 -15th, 2021

During the Hybrid Schedule, after-school study sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (no Wednesday session). Students (regardless if it was your scheduled day) are able to go to the AEC room in the Freshman hallway anytime between 3:05-6:05 pm. We have many resources available to help; you just need to show up.

Remember the end of the semester has been moved to January 19th. This gives you more time to advocate for yourself and receive the help needed to pass your classes.


There are always teachers there for assistance. If you are looking for assistance from a specific teacher or type of class, check out the calendar below. There is a 5:00 pm bus available to take students who require transportation. Any questions can be directed to Ms. McCaslen-Hibbs