September 25, 2021 Athletics & Activities

‘I feel like band is one of the best opportunities you can ever have’ North High hosts 23rd annual Starfest marching band competition

Students at Starfest 2021, photo by KTIV

Area bands brought the competition for the 23rd annual Starfest marching band competition, hosted by Sioux City North High.

The annual event was canceled last year, and event organizers said bands were ready to be back again.

“That was a very tough decision for us. And especially for the kids that were really looking forward to this event. So, there was a lot of hype going on to have it this year and we’re more than excited to be able to host it this year,” said Kamal Talukder, North High Head Band Director.

Bands were judged on music performance, music general effect, and marching execution while percussion and color guard were judged in separate categories.

“It’s a really good motivating factor. But I think it also, it helps the student be able to see that they’re not the only ones that are going through marching band. It’s a very universal experience. And so, being able to see other students perform, being able to see it at a competitive level, it’s very much reflective on them and how hard they work as well. So, I think it’s great that kids get to see other kids perform. I think it’s great that they are involved and it’s just great to build community within your band program,” said Talukder.

For the students, marching is about more than just competing.

“Being in band is like a great opportunity because you get to have so many friends. I feel like band is one of the best opportunities you can ever have,” said Paul Bouwers, North High Marching Band.

As the world slowly returns to normal, the music is starting up again.

“We’re building and trying to re-build community again. Music is just such a big part and aspect of community building. Human experience. Educational benefit. It’s just very important for us to have that type of opportunity for our students,” said Talukder.

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