Art Club

About the Club 

Art club is a place for artists to enhance skills, further develop techniques, share ideas, collaborate, and create bonds through art. Students work together to support individual artistic development and to develop group projects that can beautify the school and community.

Through involvement in art club, students learn valuable life skills, including collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. Check it out on Wednesdays from 3 to 4!

Club Members

Ty Cullison

Sadie Kohn

Eban Zumo

Juno Stauder

Leo Lul

Cari Dibble

Damien Cardenas

Gyanna Salas-Secoske

Evan Salas-Secoske


Alaina Kelly

October Lindgren

Makayla Kellogg

Aleyah Gonzalez

Sophia Green

Kayte Wilken

Braeden Sweisberger

Brooklyn Johansen

Ayoola Ehikioya

Sydney Le

Meet the Advisor