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About the Program 

The Black Raider Band has many performing ensemble components that serve various musical purposes. Students enrolled in band during high school have the opportunity to perform in a concert band, competitive marching band, competitive jazz band (by audition), and pep band. Other opportunities such as chamber ensembles, pit bands, and various honor groups are also available to students.

The Iowa High School Music Association sanctions our high school band competitions and events. Through involvement in band, students learn valuable life skills including teamwork, concentration and focus, and confidence.    

Our Philosophy

EHS Speech is ALL about being a PART of SOMETHING and the PROCESS.

Everyone is welcome, everyone is important, and everyone is respected.

  • Everyone will be accepting, everyone will be humble and everyone will be nice.

  • No one is more important than anyone else and no ‘group’ is better than the rest.

  • It is NOT about ‘winning’, it is NOT about “All-State” and it is NOT about “The Banner”.

  • It is about working together to create a meaningful performance.

  • It is about starting with an idea or words on paper and making it real, bringing it to life.

  • It is about personal growth and being better than when you started.

It is about having fun and being a TEAM!

IHSSA Directive (Iowa High School Speech Association)

The Iowa Interscholastic Speech Association was organized in November, 1943. It was an outgrowth of a desire on the part of many people to enlarge and expand the very splendid work in the Iowa High School Declamatory Association had done since 1887. This organization is so designed that, as time goes on and the need is felt for other types of speech activities, they may be added. While visible work of the Association is carried on through a series of contests, the fundamental philosophy of the Association has a much deeper basis. The philosophy is built upon the belief that no form of activity is any more important than that of learning to speak effectively. All true Americans believe in educational enlightenment, but the effectiveness of each enlightenment may be lost through the inability of our people to express to others their ideas and beliefs. The perpetuation of the American way of life rests to no small extent in the hands of the American school. If it can teach its students to express and defend that democracy, we need have no fear for the future of our country. IHSSA

Success in School & Success in Speech

Speech is an educational, life-shaping activity, but it is secondary to one’s curricular education provided during the school day.  Speech members are expected to maintain academic eligibility. Remember, not only do you lose out on the opportunity to perform – but so do your teammates!

Students in Action

Meet the Advisors

Nathan Irwin
Speech Coach
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Kindall Todd
Speech Coach
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