Art Club

About the Program 

Multi Cultural club is about celebrating the diversity at East High School. The Multi-Cultural Club works to make everyone feel welcome and to celebrate every heritage.

Cultural knowledge is an important part of the educational experience. Our goal is to impact the cultural environment for our entire community by promoting ethnic and multicultural awareness and diversity within our school and beyond.  Students from different backgrounds enrich our school experience in so many ways.


Each year, the president of the club coordinates logistics to engage members in activities. The annual Multi-Cultural Fair at the end of each year is a culimination of the club’s work. Members collaborate to create posters of each country to be displayed at the fair. These posters demonstrate facts about each country’s cultures and beliefs. Students are invited to taste foods and experience elements of each culture to broaden everyone’s cultural awareness and understanding.

Community Project

Students from Bishop Heelan, South Sioux City Schools, East High School, North High School, and West High School work together to organize events and build awareness of the cultures shared throughout Siouxland. This year the multi-cultural club theme is Underrepresented National Treasures. The continents assigned to each school are as follows:

  • Bishop Heelan – North America

  • South Sioux City – Australia

  • North High School – South America and Africa

  • East High School – Asia

  • West High School – Europe

Meet the Advisor 

Marjo Johnson
Multi-Cultural Club Advisor
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