Book Club

About the Club 

East High’s book club, Cover 2 Cover, was established in 2018.  The book club builds relationships among students through a shared interest in reading.

The club meets after school on the second Wednesday of each month during the school year. Attendance is voluntary and book choice is based on a general theme such as overcoming obstacles, coming of age, personal identity, making choices, and justice.  Themes are based on dominant ideas commonly found in every genre of young adult literature, so students in the club can choose their favorite genre, read their chosen book, and still evaluate the chosen theme. During the book club meetings, students engage in discussion to broaden their interest in new genres and new books while sharing reading experiences and analyzing the common theme.

The club has also acknowledges specialty months such as Right to Read during the month of October.  Students read a young adult book that has been challenged and/or banned, research why it was challenged and the outcome, and then discuss their opinions related to censorship of the book they read.  Then, in April students choose a novel in verse to recognize National Poetry month. 

Through involvement in book club, students learn valuable life skills, including collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking. 

Meet the Advisor