March Staff Member of the Month graphic with geo teal background

Mark Larson, Social Studies Teacher @ East High School

"This year, Mr. Larson organized Chili Day and Soup Day for the staff at East High. It brought everyone together for some well-deserved healthy competition and the staff enjoyed the events. In addition, Mr. Larson helps create a positive and fun culture at East High. He also devotes countless hours to the football team and the Quiz Bowl group. Mr. Larson bleeds Orange and Black and the students and staff appreciate what he does for East High School!"

Jeff Reed, Building Service Technician @ Bryant Elementary School

"Mr. Reed works quietly behind the scenes to help ensure the building and grounds are safe for everyone. If there is one emergency or 100 emergencies in a day, he will be there. We are thankful for Mr. Reed and all of his hard work!"

Amy Lamoureux, First Grade Teacher @ Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

"Amy is positive and always has a smile on her face. She has great relationships with her students and their families. Amy is always willing to be a Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) mentor for students and she understands her students' academic needs well. She is an amazing teacher and we are grateful to have her at Loess Hills! Thank you, Amy, for all you do!"

Michael Amman, English Teacher @ North High School

"Mr. Amman is in his first year as a teacher and he is absolutely rocking it! Students love his classes, he is a true advocate for students, and he fills every space with positive energy. He has high expectations for his students while simultaneously supporting them with best practices along the way. We are thrilled to have him at North High!"

Luis Lemus, Third Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"Luis does an excellent job awarding students and supporting his grade-level team. Luis is also an important contributor to the Building Leadership Team (BLT). Congratulations, Luis!"

María Guzmán, First Grade Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"María is a strong leader and has done a lot of work on the Building Leadership Team (BLT). She also has been instrumental in leading La Perla Tapatía. Congratulations, María!"

Rosa Estrada, Office Building Assistant @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"Rosa goes above and beyond and is an excellent leader. This school year, Rosa co-created Baila Conmigo, which translates to "Dance with Me." Baila Conmigo is a fun activity that allows students to exercise before school. She also co-leads La Perla Tapatia. Congratulations, Rosa!"

Yesenia Macías, Kindergarten Teacher @ Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"Yesenia creates a welcoming learning environment for her students while being a strong leader in the building. She goes above and beyond by leading La Perla Tapatía and taking part in the Building Leadership Team (BLT). Congratulations, Yesenia!" 

Kim Smith, Insurance & Benefits Manager @ Educational Service Center 

"Kim has done an amazing job going above and beyond to promote health and wellness in our District. She's introduced a variety of different topics to consider regarding the well-being of all staff. She's covered the benefits of gratitude calendars, monitoring sleep habits, wellness book clubs, water challenges, and resolutions for stress relief to name a few. She is constantly working to find new ways to engage our staff whether through the newsletter, amazing prizes, or wellness events. Her time and efforts to improve our staff's wellness are greatly appreciated." 

Jody Nieuwendorp, Music Teacher @ Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

"Jody passionately shares her love for the arts and music with our students each day. Jody has given many of our students an area to shine and sparked a light in students they didn’t know existed. Jody has tirelessly prepared for the musical and has made a vision come to life. Thank you, Jody, for all of the organizing, time, and dedication you put into the musical. Our students are so lucky to have you!" 

Scott Mason, Third Grade Teacher @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

A parent said the following about Mr. Mason: "Both of our kids have had the pleasure of being in Mr. Mason's classroom. Mr. Mason excels in giving our children a fun learning environment and he is always able to keep a smile on his students’ faces all while teaching curriculum and life lessons in the classroom. Mr. Mason keeps his parents involved and communicating with parents is a priority for Mr. Mason." He is a great example of what SOARing Eagles stand for!

Jamie Davis, Preschool Instructional Assistant @ Morningside STEM Elementary School

"Jamie is an awesome instructional assistant! She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and is a true supporter in the classroom. She is not afraid to jump in and help others. Jamie loves to learn new ideas, collaborate, and implement new practices. She often offers to make individualized support in the classroom to help meet student needs. Jamie is constantly interacting with students to make learning fun, exciting, and adventurous." 

Taylor Wagner, First Grade Teacher @ Leeds Elementary School

"Miss Wagner continues to transform her instruction by integrating new strategies and tools in her classroom. In addition, she creates a welcoming and engaging learning environment for her students each day. Miss Wagner is always smiling and contributes to the positive climate and culture at Leeds. Thank you, Miss Wagner, for creating amazing learning experiences for our students!"

Bailey Kramer, Instructional Assistant @ Leeds Elementary School

"Miss Kramer quickly became someone we could count on as soon as she joined the Leeds staff! Miss Kramer builds strong relationships with students and staff at Leeds and is always willing to go above and beyond for others. She is a huge asset at Leeds and her dedication is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Miss Kramer, for being so supportive of our students and staff at Leeds."

Stephanie Roskilly, Counselor @ Leeds Elementary School

"Mrs. Roskilly continually goes the extra mile for students and staff at Leeds. Mrs. Roskilly sets consistent schedules with students, small groups, and classrooms, which our students and staff appreciate. Recently, Mrs. Roskilly organized Kindness Week at Leeds. This was an excellent time to strengthen our school culture and remind everyone that they are cared for here! Thank you, Mrs. Roskilly, for providing a friendly face that the students and staff members at Leeds can always count on!"

Deb Schroeder, Substitute Teacher @ East Middle School

"Mrs. Schroeder goes above and beyond as a long-term substitute teacher at East Middle School. She is always smiling and positive, she works with students in a kind and patient way, and she supports the teachers she is substituting for with clear communication and follow-through. We appreciate all she does to help out when a staff member cannot be present in the classroom at our school and she is a tremendous asset here at EMS. Congratulations Deb!"

Karole Fowler, SPED Instructional Assistant @ Riverside Elementary School

"Karole Fowler is simply amazing. She shows up to school every day with a smile on her face and is ready to help and support students. When she is working with students, she is calm and always so sincere. She has made a tremendous impact on so many students at Riverside. She is very approachable, easy to talk to, and so much fun to be around. We are so grateful to have Karole Fowler at Riverside. Thank you for all you do!"

Stacy Hoesing, Office Assistant @ Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Mrs. Hoesing is positive towards parents, staff, and students. She works hard to create a caring environment in the front office. Mrs. Hoesing is always willing to take on projects and help out in any way she can. She has truly made a positive impact at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School!"

Jessica Randall, Office Assistant @ Spalding Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Ms. Randall shows dedication in greeting students and families in a caring and positive manner. She is always willing to learn new things. We can always count on Ms. Randall to have a smile on her face and an upbeat attitude. Congratulations, Jessica!"