Congratulations November Staff Members of the Month. White text on teal background

Jo Schmaltz,  Special Education Instructional Assistant at the Sioux City Career Academy

"Jo can always be found working with children in a variety of capacities at the Career Academy. She ensures students can access the materials they need to learn. She is also always willing to lend a helping hand and often steps in when a teacher needs a substitute at the last minute.  Jo is such a critical piece of the fabric of the Career Academy that we would be lost without her! Congratulations, Jo!"

Kim Urquidi, Teacher at East Middle School

"Mrs. Urquidi has gone above and beyond to help out in our PLC's (Professional Learning Communities). From helping create lesson plans to making copies, she goes above and beyond to ensure our team is as successful as possible. Kim has a kind, gentle spirit that creates a welcoming environment for both staff and students. She is positive and truly cares about her students and their growth. From a co-teaching standpoint, she is amazing in every way! Thank you for all you do, Kim!"

Denise Jensen & Stacey Verzal, Second Grade Teachers at Riverside Elementary School

"Denise Jensen and Stacey Verzal are positive each and every day. They truly put the needs of their students first. They are both piloting a new reading program and have spent countless hours preparing lessons for their students. They have each served on the Building Leadership Team and many other committees at the school. Denise and Stacey love teaching and are always there to support colleagues and students. Thank you to Stacey and Denise for all they do at Riverside!

Jessica Voigt, Special Education Teacher at West Middle School

"Congratulations and kudos to Jessica for her endless hard work! Ms. Voigt is a smiling and familiar face to all students and staff at West Middle School. We acknowledge the efforts she puts in to support our learners. We appreciate Ms. Voigt's expertise in specifically designed instruction and learning supports. We could not be W.E.S.T. without her. Thank you, Ms. Voigt!"

Josh Steinhoff, Third Grade Teacher at Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"Mr. Steinhoff has dedicated countless hours to coaching our students. He has started a running club at Irving and has offered our students the opportunity to compete in local events. He is an avid athlete and shares his passion with our students. He is also a great classroom teacher. His students excel because of his passion, enthusiasm, and high expectations. Thank you, Mr. Steinhoff! Our students and school are very lucky to have you."

Tina Nearman, Bookkeeper at West High School

"Ms. Tina Nearman joined West High this year as our new Bookkeeper. She is always willing to lend a helping hand, even saving the day by volunteering as a last minute chaperone! Tina demonstrates the "WEST" values (Welcoming, Engaged, Safe, & Trustworthy) on a daily basis!

We are so fortunate to have her as a part of our team! Congratulations, Tina!"

Dawn Jones, TAG (Talented & Gifted) Teacher at Leeds Elementary School

"Mrs. Jones has been an integral part of our staff while at Leeds. Mrs. Jones carefully designs her lessons to ensure all of her students are receiving individualized instruction. In addition to the outstanding instruction she provides her own students, Mrs. Jones spends time building relationships with all students and staff at Leeds. Mrs. Jones is always willing to give a helping hand to any student or staff member at Leeds and is quick to offer support in any situation. With her positive attitude and passion for our school, Mrs. Jones helps make Leeds Elementary a great place to be!" 

Jacqueline Kennedy, First Grade Teacher at Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School

"Ms. Kennedy always goes the extra mile not only for her students, but for all students at Hunt. She is on several committees at Hunt to ensure all students are receiving a quality education. She does a great job taking on leadership roles and is always willing to help others learn and grow. She is so positive and works well with everyone. Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School is extremely lucky to have her on staff!"

Joe Parkhill, Warehouse Manager at Harry Hopkins (Food Service)

"Joe joined the Food Service team in December of 1999. He began his role as a driver, moved into the warehouse, and later took on a role as the warehouse manager. Joe is very pleasant and always has a smile on his face. He is willing to do what it takes to ensure the meals get delivered to the students around our district. In his off time, Joe enjoys watching football and adoring his children and grandchild. Congratulations Joe, keep up the good work!" 

Emily Bowman, Music Teacher at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School

"Emily Bowman creates a classroom atmosphere where students feel safe and comfortable to express themselves musically. Her students are highly engaged and excited about learning. Emily has a passion for her students and believes in each one of their abilities. Students at Spalding Park know that she will go above and beyond for them. Congratulations, Emily!

Melissa Voorheis, Bus Driver at Operations & Maintenance (Transportation)

"We'd like to congratulate Melissa for being nominated as the November Staff Member of the Month. Thank you for your willingness to always help out!"

Christina Bliven, Third Grade Teacher at Morningside STEM Elementary School

"Mrs. Bliven is truly here for the students. She advocates for them and keeps their best interests at heart. Our students feel comfortable and excited to come to school by having Mrs. Bliven as their teacher. She has an excellent rapport not only with her students and their parents, but also with our staff. At Morningside we strive to form strong relationships within our classrooms and Mrs. Bliven goes above and beyond to create this type of classroom environment. If every school had a little Bliven in them, the world would be a much brighter place! Thank you, Mrs. Bliven!"

Kyle Timmins, Fourth Grade Teacher at Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School

"Kyle builds strong relationships with students. He does particularly well working with students who are having a hard time with academics or behavior. Kyle keeps a calm and friendly demeanor no matter the situation, and his students calm down as a result. Every morning Kyle greets each student with a sincere smile, high five/fist bump, and welcoming conversation. Kyle was the iReady representative for fourth grade and is always willing to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues. He treats families with respect and communicates effectively so that parents feel involved. Thank you, Kyle, for all you do!"

Mike Kramer, Building Engineer at East High School

"Mike is an incredible asset to EHS. He works hard to make our building and grounds look great. He is great at solving problems, cleaning up messes, fixing what is broken, and getting things done--all with a positive attitude. He goes above and beyond his responsibilities and interacts with students day-to-day. With teacher approval, students can shadow him during small projects so they can learn different hands-on skills. The students jump at the opportunity to help him. Mike really puts his heart and soul into supporting students and staff. Congratulations Mike!"

Taylor Anthony, SPED Teacher at North Middle School

"Mrs. Anthony is dedicated and provides tremendous support for students and staff in the Foundations Program. Mrs. Anthony consistently goes above and beyond to ensure her students' individual needs are met. She collaborates with colleagues to promote engaging learning opportunities and works in partnership with parents to ensure student well-being and safety. Thank you, Mrs. Anthony, for your continuous commitment and dedication to all of the students you serve!"

Velvet Lucero, an attendance secretary at Liberty Elementary School. 

"After losing one person in our office this year, Velvet has taken on additional job duties on top of her regular attendance duties. She was instrumental in ensuring that we were able to collect all of our Home Income Surveys to secure extra support for our students through grant funding. She recently coordinated our first building fundraiser of the year with excellent results. She is happy to assist with anything “on the fly” and has developed excellent relationships with our families. She aids in communicating a variety of things both in English and Spanish. We are so lucky to have Velvet 'Making it Happen!' for our Liberty students."