East High School Speech Team

Sioux CIty, Iowa - Six speech groups from East High School have been nominated for All State Speech, a state tournament of the state's best speech acts. 

Only five percent of all speech groups are chosen to represent their schools at the All State Speech Festival each year. This year's All State Festival is scheduled for February 17 on the Iowa State University campus. 

The East High School speech groups attending the All State Festival include: 

Choral Reading: 100 Years of Magic 

Addison Beasley, Gracie Bruening, Lily Bruening, Nathan Carey, Mackenzie Crawford, Cassie Finnegan, Olivia Garcia, Adyson Geary, Owen Jacobsen, Maggy Mehlhaff, Nolin Moreno, Ben Ruiz, Nick Sawyer, David Senstad, and Delilah Thompson

Musical Theater: Junie B Jones

Alejandro Anguiano, Addalai Burback, Simon Nelson, Julia Person, Ben Ruiz, Lillian Shaputis, and Annika Zink

Musical Theater: High School Mashup

Mackenzie Crawford, Eyerlin Davis, Uziel Garcia, Owen Jacobsen, Maggy Mehlhaff, Nick Sawyer, David Senstad, and Delilah Thompson

Mime: Doby Mick

Charlize Carpenter, Ellanora Erickson, Makayla Kellogg, Bethany Leff, and Maria Morales-Herrera

Ensemble Acting: Scarlett Letter in 10 Minutes or Less

Ella Cecil-Starlin, Kaitlyn Lovelace, Medhane Negasi, and Manuel Rodriguez

Readers Theater: How to Get Into College 

Addison Beasley, Ella Cecil-Starlin, Adyson Geary, Aubrey Koch, Kaitlynn Lovelace, Leah Luxford, Hailey Robertson, Annie Ruhrer-Johnson, Adalay Scott, and Samantha Stille