Congratulations February Staff Members of the Month

Brittney Greiner, an instructional assistant at Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School.

"Brittney takes on additional students and duties and does so without complaint. Brittney always has a smile on her face and has great relationships with the students she works with. Students love being with her! The students and staff that work with her are lucky to have her and we are thankful to have her here at Loess Hills! Thank you, Brittney, for all you do!"

Brittney Greiner

Kristie Monk, an English teacher at North Middle School.

"Mrs. Monk does an exceptional job in the classroom to support the learning needs of students. She holds herself to high expectations instructionally. Mrs. Monk readily incorporates strategies and practices discussed in our professional learning community (PLC) and building professional development in her classroom. She is proactive and solution-focused in her pursuit of maintaining a positive school climate and culture. Thank you for all that you do to support North Middle Students and Staff!"

Kristie Monk

Jessica Ryan, a fifth-grade teacher at Morningside STEM Elementary School.

"Jessica has been a wonderful addition to our Morningside team! She works with others with a team effort, she keeps her classroom organized, and creates a welcoming classroom for her students. She is continually trying to meet the needs of all the students in her classroom. It is a joy to spend time in her room because the students are treated with respect and are engaged in engaging activities."

Jessica Ryan

Nicole Liechti, the counseling secretary at East High School.

"Nicole has been a great addition to the East High counseling department. She came into the position at a very busy time of year and jumped right in to do what needed to be done to keep the year running smoothly. She does an amazing job on the newsletters and the WITCC 'College Now' applications. She is organized, creative, pays great attention to detail, communicates well, and is always welcoming with a smile on her face. Congratulations Nicole!"

Nicole Liechti

Kris McCarthy, Jamie Blatchford, and Katelyn Girard, resource teachers at Riverside Elementary School.

"Kris McCarthy, Jamie Blatchford, and Katelyn Girard are the special education resource teachers at Riverside Elementary. Kris and Jamie have been at Riverside for several years and Katelyn just joined the team in January. Together, they are working to provide supports and services for the students at Riverside. They do this by meeting regularly to look at student data. They communicate with families and the other teachers in the building to make sure each child's individual needs are being met. They work hard to build quality relationships with students. You can always count on a smile from each of these ladies. Thank you for all you do at Riverside! You are an amazing team!"

Kris McCarthy, Jamie Blatchford, and Katelyn Girard

Fatima Reynoso, an English Language Tutor at Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School.

"Ms. Reynoso is always willing to help in any way she can. She is such a positive, welcoming, and caring person. She takes several different groups and is patient with all students. She is always willing to learn new strategies that will help the students improve. She loves the Hunt students and staff, and it shows in all she does. Thank you, Ms. Reynoso, for all you do! We are so lucky to have you as part of the Hunt family!"

Fatima Reynoso

Jade Manker, a teacher and instructional coach at West Middle School.

"Jade Manker brings a bright light to our team at West Middle School. She is a consistent support for our staff, providing coaching and encouragement. Serving as a member of the behavior and academic leadership team, Mrs. Manker holds a wealth of knowledge about support for learners bringing conversations back to data and best practices. She is an encouraging, positive, and supporting teacher leader. We are grateful to have her as a part of our team at WMS!"

Jade Manker

Shahilia "Shay" Ehikioya, a building assistant at West High School.

"Miss Shay has a smile for everyone. She helps students and staff with all the tech issues we have. We appreciate the great job she does every day. Congratulations, Miss Shay!"

Shahilia "Shay" Ehikioya

Kitchen Staff at Irving Dual Language Elementary School

"This team goes above and beyond to serve our students. They are always looking out to make sure students have what they need. They keep track of their dietary needs and make sure everyone is well-fed. We appreciate all they do for each of our students. Congratulations!"

Irving kitchen staff. From left to right: Brenda, Marisol, Jenny, Myrna, Carmen, Cara, Milagro & Shelley.
From left to right: Brenda, Marisol, Jenny, Myrna, Carmen, Cara, Milagro & Shelley.

Kelsie Zimmerer, a third-grade teacher at Bryant Elementary School.

"Ms Zimmerer has been working hard in her first two years to design her classroom community to support students. She has found her voice this year and has been stepping up as a leader in various ways throughout the building. Ms Zimmerer implements new strategies in the classroom to support student learning. She is collaborative and a good support to new members of her team. We are so happy she is a Bryant Bear!"

Kelsie Zimmer

Andrew Pearson, professional support staff at East Middle School.

"Mr. P is truly one of a kind. He has been amazing asset to East Middle School for many, many years. He is a role model, listener, advocate, and mentor; who is full of life experiences, positivity and wisdom to share. Mr. P has been creating relationships and supporting EMS students, families and educators for decades. He is simply remarkable, and we are so lucky to have him at EMS!"

Andrew Pearson

Mayra Panduro, food service kitchen manager at Leeds Elementary School.

"Since her arrival at Leeds Elementary School as the Food Service Kitchen Manager, Mrs. Mayra Panduro has been an excellent leader for our Leeds Elementary food service program. She has been very consistent in managing the staff and has gone above and beyond her job description to provide meaningful support not just in the cafeteria, but in her interactions and support with all our stakeholders. Mrs. Panduro is frequently looking for fun ways to engage the students positively and to provide a meaningful social experience for them when they are interacting with our food service staff. Knowing how important it is to work as a team and to create a positive environment for our students both socially and academically, we appreciate that you are continually developing relationships with the staff, students, and families of Leeds Elementary School! Thanks for all you have done for all of us at Leeds Elementary School! Congratulations!"

Mayra Pandurio

Malina Ard, a social studies teacher at the Sioux City Career Academy.

"Malina has been a part of the Career Academy since they had the Wall to Wall classes. Malina is a wonderful colleague and is willing to help our staff with any issues that we may experience including technology, lesson planning, and brainstorming new assessments or new instructional strategies. Malina goes above and beyond for her students. She truly cares about each student's progress and uses fun and engaging strategies to motivate students in a creative, effective, and fun way. Congratulations!"

Malina Ard

Sydney Luu, a transitional kindergarten teacher at Liberty Elementary School.

"Sydney transitioned into our transitional kindergarten position this year when a need was presented. She took on this new role with great energy and enthusiasm. She is teaching some of our youngest learners and providing a quality foundation for their elementary career. This year, new curricular resources have been added for Miss Luu to learn, which she's done with grace and positivity. Miss Luu meets each new challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. She is truly “making it happen” for our young learners each day. We are lucky to have her as a member of the Liberty team!"

Sydney Luu

Oney Vasquez, a central kitchen cook at Harry Hopkins (Food Service Department).

"Oney has been with the District for a few years serving the needs of the students at Perry Creek Elementary. She always greets the students with a smile and ensures they are well taken care of. Oney transitioned to the Central Kitchen and has working in our main kitchen at Harry Hopkins since. Oney is willing to help where needed with out hesitation. Congratulations, Oney!"

Oney Vasquez

Mark Vogel, a special education teacher at North High School.

"Mr. Vogel is a great asset to North High because he is an amazing teacher and coach. He is a great advocate for all students and works with students to truly meet their goals in the classroom and on the field. Our staff are proud to know and work with him! He goes above and beyond expectations every day. He is willing to help any student or teacher who needs assistance. Congratulations, Mark!"

Mark Vogel

Hollie Copple, a technology support technician at the Educational Service Center.

A grateful colleague said, “Hollie is very helpful with any IT issues I have. She quickly comes up with solutions and explains things to my non-tech brain that I can understand. She offers a positive energy with each interaction. Sioux City Community Schools is lucky to have Hollie’s knowledge and positive influence!”

Hollie Copple

Jamy Peters, a SPED Paraprofessional at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School.

"Jamy is always willing to help out and is flexible with her schedule. Jamy, we are glad you are here. Thank you for all that you do!"

Jamy Peters