Ethan Mikkelson

Ethan Mikkelson, a special education teacher at West Middle School.

"Mr. Mikkelson excels at providing specially designed instruction, supporting his learners and support staff in his Compass Academy classroom. He also teaches night school all while supporting another teacher as their mentor teacher and helping his co-teacher learn the ins and outs of the Compass program. Mr. Mikkelson is a happy, kind, and caring individual whose students trust and enjoy being in his classroom. He is a bright light at West Middle School, and we are grateful we have him supporting our learners!"

Beth Whalen

Beth Whalen, a consulting teacher at North Middle School.

"Mrs. Whalen provides outstanding support in her professional learning community (PLC), collaborates with other teachers, and supports building professional development. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure teaching and learning remain the highest priority. She is instrumental in the organization and implementation of ELPA and ISASP assessments. Mrs. Whalen continues to promote a positive school climate and culture through her daily interactions with staff and students. Thank you, Mrs. Whalen, for all that you do to support North Middle!"

Chris Koch

Chris Koch, an assistant principal at East Middle School.

"Mr. Koch has been an excellent addition to the East Middle School family and administrative team. He is all about helping teachers and students be successful in school. He is willing to do what it takes to help our students, whether it is brainstorming as a team, calling a student in for a discussion, or reaching out to a parent to build a stronger relationship. His dedication to our students has helped to maintain the motto here at East Middle School—Excel at treating others the way you want to be treated, Make a positive difference, and Stand up and put others first!"

Sarah Phelan

Sarah Phelan, a second-grade teacher at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School.

"Sarah is a positive and encouraging person to everyone in the building! She is always friendly and has a smile for everyone! Sarah is a great leader and is a helpful resource for anyone who has questions. Sarah is on many committees in the building including the Social Committee and Building Leadership team. She also coordinates the Monday Greeting Club, which greets students at the beginning of every week. Sarah is a wonderful asset to Spalding Park!"

Michelle Blum

Michelle Blume, an ELL tutor at Spalding Park Environmental Sciences Elementary School.

"Michelle is enthusiastic and great with our students. She coordinates unique activities for them and is consistent with her efforts. she is always positive! You can see that she really enjoys the kids in the way she interacts with them everyday! Congratulations, Michelle!"

Dane Doty

Dane Doty, an elementary alternative program instructional assistant at Riverside Elementary School.

"Dane Doty has been such a great addition to the Riverside staff. Dane is always willing to do anything that he is asked to do. He comes early and stays late. He is at school every day with a smile and a positive attitude. He builds great relationships with students, families, and staff. When Mr. Doty is on the job, you know the job will be done well and on time. Thanks for all you do at Riverside, Mr. D!"

Madison Geisler

Madison Geisler, a third-grade teacher at Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School.

"Ms. Geisler is a positive leader in our school. She is always willing to help as needed and will do so with a smile on her face! She is patient with her students and works to make everyone feel welcome and included. She cares about our students and goes the extra mile to volunteer for school events, such as the musical, the snack shack, dance club, and more. Ms. Geisler’s hard work does not go unnoticed, and we are so lucky to have a teacher like her at Hunt!"

Kache Dye

Kache Dye, a special education paraprofessional at Bryant Elementary School.

"Kache demonstrates patience, compassion, and commitment to ensure the students she works with receive quality care. In turn, she makes a positive impact on their school day. Kache is hard-working and has a positive attitude. We are proud to have her as a Bryant Bear!"

Karl George

Karl George, a teacher at West High School.

"We appreciate the dedication Mr. George has for our woodworking program. Mr. George helps our students receive hands-on experience through woodworking. Plus, many staff have benefited from his class 'Service Station' for a variety of needs. Thank you, Mr. George, for exemplifying what it means to be 'WEST'!"

Paige Dunkel and Cassie Pilgrim

Paige Dunkel and Cassie Pilgrim, a Title I interventionist and a consulting teacher at Irving Dual Language Elementary School.

"Paige and Cassie worked together to coordinate activities for our students during Reading Across America Week. This offered our students the opportunity to meet many community members who shared about their careers. The students and staff celebrated and highlighted our cultural diversity. Many books we read by teachers, students, and parents. Thank you both for all your work!"

Kim Smith

Kim Smith, benefits manager at the Educational Service Center.

“Kim works very hard to ensure that staff members are given the tools they need to strengthen their mental health, practice healthy habits, and stay informed about district benefit changes. In addition, she goes above and beyond to create healthy initiatives with fun prizes and in-person well-being sessions here at the ESC. She is always willing to help individuals with a positive attitude and a kind smile, even if it is during her lunch break. Thank you for all you do, Kim!"

Jessica Jorgensen

Jessica Jorgensen, a special education resource teacher at Sunnyside Elementary School.

"Mrs. Jorgensen deserves to be recognized for all she does for the staff and students at Sunnyside. She has been presented with many challenges and obstacles this school year but has stood tall in the face of adversity. She comes to school with a positive attitude. She is always helpful when staff go to her for student needs. She keeps staff up to date on the progress of students. She has helped so many students achieve their goals. She greatly deserves to be recognized for the positive influence she has on the Sunnyside learning community."

Cheraine Bromander

Cheraine Bromander, an ELL teacher at Morningside STEM Elementary School.

"Cheraine does everything she possibly can for her students, and then some. Cheraine not only teaches students at school, but she interacts with them outside of school by attending their events. She knows every family very well and creates special connections with her students and their families. Cheraine also supports her colleagues tremendously. She co-teaches in the classroom, where she does a phenomenal job helping with classroom management and clarification of topics and vocabulary for not only her students but all students. Cheraine is an 'above-and-beyond' person every day, and she has the respect and admiration of our school staff, her students, and their families. Congratulations, Cheraine!"

Amanda Brooks

Amanda Brooks, an assistant principal at Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School.

"There is never a time when Mrs. Brooks doesn’t go above and beyond for anyone. When you ask her for help, it does not take her long before a task is taken care of. Mrs. Brooks cares for every student, staff member, and family at Loess Hills. We are thankful to have her as our assistant principal. She values feedback and works to always take that feedback and meet everyone where they are. Thank you for all you do, Mrs. Brooks!"

Paulette Asay

Paulette Asay, an instructional assistant at Loess Hills Computer Programming Elementary School.

"Pauly runs all over our school to assist many of our students. She is constantly attending to their needs. When not in the classroom, Pauly will step in and help out with other students during lunch, recess, during specials, or in the general education classroom. She is always on the go and does so with a smile on her face. Thank you, Pauly, for everything you do! Loess Hills is lucky to have you!"

Trevor Miller

Trevor Miller, a science teacher and coach at East High School.

"Trevor welcomes everyone into his classroom, which encourages our students to attend class every day. He keeps students engaged, monitors the hallways, and connects with the ELL students, even though he doesn’t speak Spanish! He has coached East High’s robotics team to the state competition six years in a row! Overall, he is very committed to East High and the success of our students. Congratulations Trevor!"